People meet with the same goal: full of energy, light and desire to move. Dance helps them connect and make them dare, by challenging and supporting each other, they take the risk of living life and letting the miracles happen.

Their bodies become their minds and their minds become their bodies. Feeling each one of the smallest movements around, they let the sparkling things around in and project them out.

Rūta Pakalne is in the beginning of her professional career, with the experience in many fields: dance, film and production. Many know her as Ronja and that her energy goes in many different levels and layers, it shows in the ways where her interest goes, she is always on the move.

She has graduated BA program in dance and choreography at Latvian Academy of Culture, studied at the dance school P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, currently taking a MA program in dance/theatre at Latvian Academy of Culture, basing herself in Tallinn.

Modris was born in 1990 in Liepāja. When he was 4 years old, he started dancing Latvian national dance but when he turned 17, he became assistant dance teacher at ‘Auseklītis’. After, when he was 19, he was the Artistic Director of the National Dance Collective ‘Laine’ and two years after graduating secondary school, he learnt to become a dance teacher and choreographer of contemporary dance.

At the moment Modris is a dancer and choreographer of the contemporary dance collective ‘ĀRĀ’. He’s also been a movement consultant at Daile Thatre performance ‘Possible Meeting’ (directed by D.Petrenko), and he’s performed at the Latvian National Opera performance ‘Macbeth’ (directed by V.Meikšāns).